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Teesha Foreman
Second Vice President

Teesha Foreman has been a NYC employee since August 2000, beginning her career as a Secretary IIA with the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA). Five years later, she was appointed as a Cashier I with NYCHA’s Revenue & Receivable Division, processing millions of dollars in rental income. She was then promoted to Cashier II in the Commercial Leasing and Parking Unit where she processed commercial leases and parking applications.

In September 2011, Teesha was appointed as a Principal Administrative Associate I with the Capital Projects Payments Division and became a CWA Local 1180 member.

In 2015, Teesha was elected a NYCHA Shop Steward representing approximately 100 members. She completed new Shop Steward and grievance trainings and the Clara L. Allen Leadership School.

In spring 2015, Teesha was promoted from a PAA I to a PAA III with the Technical Services Division, Violations Unit where she worked with DOB, FDNY, and HPD to resolve NYCHA violations. She became an active member of the Civil Service Committee and completed the Runaway Inequality training. 

On March 19, 2018, she was selected as a CWA Local 1180 Staff Representative where she continued to assist and advocate for members and represent them at disciplinary hearings, supervisory conferences, and investigative interviews. She has won many out-of-title grievances that gained members promotions and salary increases. 

Teesha graduated from Cornell University’s AFL-CIO Leadership program in July 2019. On Oct. 15, 2019, she was appointed Assistant Supervisor of the Union’s Public Sector Staff Representatives. She started her first term as an Executive Board Member-At-Large in January 2021 and also was promoted to Supervisor of the Public Sector Staff Representatives, supervising six Staff Reps.

Teesha is a graduate of the 2021 CWA National Minority Leadership Institute. In January 2022, she was selected as the Public, Healthcare and Education Workers (PHEW) representative to the CWA National Civil Rights and Equity Committee,  and is serving her second term.

In July 2022, Teesha was appointed by the Executive Board to fill the open 2nd Vice President seat, the position she still holds today. Additionally, she is a Trustee of Local 1180’s Administrative, Security, Retirees, and Annuity funds. She currently serves on the PAA et al Contract Bargaining Committee where she is fighting for better living conditions and wages for her members, and is the lead negotiator for the School Construction Authority (SCA) bargaining committee. 

Teesha strongly believes, “If you don’t know learn; if you do know, teach.” She will continue to use this motto to represent the 9,000-plus members of CWA Local 1180.