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Gregory “GREG” SMITH has been a career Program Administrator in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, overseeing initiatives designed to empower underserved populations. He first became a CWA Local 1180 Staff Representative in 2016 and has brought his experience in labor relations, collective bargaining, program development, and public advocacy to the Union and its members.

Greg has provided representation, advocacy, and training to Union members and Shop Stewards at various municipalities, authorities, and hospitals citywide; remedied labor-management issues at city agencies brought on by the improper application or interpretation of collectively bargained agreements and city regulations; and handled deliberations with agency administrators that address labor matters connected to the implementation of programs, staff restructuring, occupational wellness, and service delivery. He has conducted hearings, appeals, arbitrations, contract negotiations, and health and safety assessments to safeguard Union members’ labor and workplace rights.

Greg has served as a CWA 1180 Executive Board Member-at-Large since 2017, and has been a CWA Delegate to the national convention for six years. He also sits on the Union’s Collective Bargaining and Labor-Management Safety and Health committees, and is Chair of the Local 1180 Men’s Committee.

Greg has an extensive background in representing underserved populations. Prior to joining CWA Local 1180, he worked with various groups and unions in assisting minority men and women gain employment within the construction industry, and helped families avert homelessness by obtaining permanent housing, attaining financial resources, and providing advocacy.

His exhibited commitment to empowering individuals and communities, as well as his experience in labor relations, collective bargaining, and public advocacy, are demonstrative of his capability to further strengthen the Union and serve its membership. 

Greg is a graduate of the Cornell University Union Leadership Institute, holds a Master of Science Degree in Urban Affairs from the Hunter College Urban Affairs and Planning Graduate Program, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration.