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Hilary Bloomfield

Hilary Bloomfield started her civil service career with the Department of Transportation/Parking Violation Bureau and moved up the career ladder via civil service exams to Principal Administrative Associate III, Department of Finance.

Hilary comes from a family of active union members and was a Shop Steward in DC37/Local 1549. Keeping with her family tradition, she was elected CWA Local 1180 Shop Steward at her worksite in 1992. She attended the CWA Local 1180 Shop Steward classes and received her certificate of completion in 1993.

Hilary completed Union Leadership School at Cornell University and 1180’s Labor and Civil Participation program at Queen College, and has completed various academic and training courses at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute.
Hilary is currently a delegate at Central Labor Council representing the members of CWA 1180. She is active in the following CWA Local 1180 committees, Political Action, Women Committee, Caribbean Heritage, Civil Service and the Facilitator for the Bronx Borough Community Coordinating Committee.

Hilary is attuned to the union member issues relating to both their work place and personal matters. Hilary’s fellow Shop Stewards have repeatedly elected her to service as a member of CWA 1180 Contract Negotiations Bargaining Committee.

Hilary is the Treasurer of Bronx Community Board #12; she is a member of the 83rd Assembly District Bronx Democratic Committee, New York City Chapter CLUW Vice President, a member of CBTU New York Chapter and Advisor for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She volunteers for many causes in her community.

Hilary actively supports CWA Local 1180 goals of mobilizing and empowering members by engaging members to actively participate. She continually discusses ideas and share information with the members about future union vision.